Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to Choose a Brain Injury Lawyer

Persons who sustain brain injury resulting from an accident or any other cause often find it beneficial to consider consulting with a lawyer with experience in personal injury cases specifically involving a brain injury.

1. Personal Injury Cases and Brain Injury

Personal injury cases may afford a person whose brain injury resulted from the negligence of others with the financial resources necessary to maximize recovery and provide for long-term care and support needs. Tort law, which includes personal injury cases, is intended to encourage safety and discourage wrongful acts which cause injury. It attempts to provide fair and full compensation for the losses of individuals who have been wrongfully injured or killed. Lost income is an obvious loss. Other damages including pain, suffering, loss of earning capacity and enjoyment of life, as well as the cost of medical and rehabilitation services, also can be awarded as compensation when a judgment is made or a settlement reached.

2. Who’s the Defendant?

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to consider legal representation following a brain injury is the complexity of determining just who may bear some legal responsibility for the injury. For example, in a motor vehicle crash, the driver of an automobile, the automobile manufacturer, the local government and/or its employees and the owner and/or bartender at a local bar all may be liable for the same injury. You should choose a lawyer that can locate and go after large corporations that have access to large resources. Don't get outlawyered.

3. Choose Your Lawyer Carefully

The lawyer can determine the possibilities and recommend actions that should be taken against one or more of the potential defendants. The selection of a lawyer can have significant long-term implications. The lawyer should assist not only in obtaining funds resulting from litigation, but also preserve any entitlement to federal and state benefits. Without planning, valuable benefits may be lost.

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